ProtoGenie Survey Design

Survey research is the study of attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of people and their settings through questionnaires administered by mail, handouts, personal and, telephone interviews, and the Internet. Such studies range from one question polls to large-scale studies. Sometimes they employ panels and time samples. They are frequently used in national and local studies of political and economic attitudes and reported behavior. In surveys, there is no conscious attempt to intervene to determine causality. They are used to identify important variables, to increase understanding, and sometimes to promote a change through education.
With its browser-based user interface and built-in tools, ProtoGenie enables you to create a protocol custom-fitted to your survey. ProtoGenie then guides you through the collection of data from participants – in the lab or remotely – all without programming experience on your part.
As shown in the following illustration, every ProtoGenie protocol involves four basic components: Groups, Events, Sessions and Implementation.
All the actions are menu-driven, beginning with groups.
Events – treatment and measurement – are easily created.
Events are organized around groups (there is generally only one in this survey) and into Sessions, using a drag and drop feature.
ProtoGenie facilitates previewing and refining your survey protocol on the fly,
Implementation can be administered by you or by participants themselves using a “ticket” that contains a URL address that you can distribute locally or via email or via your social network of choice, which is used to access the ProtoGenie server and initiate a protocol.
You can review the data gathered from your survy using our online interface or you can download the data to you computer as a comma-separated values file.
A great way to get going on your own is to use a ProtoGenie template or tutorial.
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