How ProtoGenie Online Experiments Work

All good research begins with a well-conceived research protocol – a step-by-step plan for carrying out the research. With its browser-based user interface and built-in tools, ProtoGenie enables you to create a protocol custom-fitted to your research.
ProtoGenie then guides you through the collection of data from participants – in the lab or remotely – all without programming experience on your part.
As shown in the following illustration, every ProtoGenie protocol involves four basic compontents: Groups, Events, Sessions and Implementation.
All the actions are menu-driven, beginning with groups.
Events – treatment and measurement – are easily created.
Events are organized around groups and into Sessions, using a drag and drop feature.
ProtoGenie facilitates previewing and refining your protocol on the fly.
Implementation can be administered by you or by participants themselves using a “ticket” that contains a URL address that you can distribute locally or via email or via your social network of choice, which is used to access the ProtoGenie server and initiate a protocol.
You can review the data gathered using our online interface or you can download the data to your computer as a comma- separated values file.
A great way to get going on your own is to use a ProtoGenie template or tutorial.
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