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A research design is a systematic plan to study a scientific problem. Research designs are used to classify scientific studies. Research designs differ widely by objectives, resources, and constraints. ProtoGenie covers a large majority of designs under a small number of selected labels making up the PG Library of Designs (see below). New labels will be added based on feedback from users.

This library provides the foundation for ProtoGenie’s step-by-step Tutorial System for creating protocols from scratch (not using templates) and for creating protocols from templates. They also provide the basis for sharing protocols among ProtoGenie members.

Browse the descriptions of the designs under the labels below and decide which one comes closest to your study. The name of that design is the name that you should select on the Protocol Description Page under Research Design when you begin the construction of a protocol for your study

Research Methods

ProtoGenie provides support for a wide variety of research methods! Click on any individual research method to learn more about it.

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